A Scary Home Companion

The Profane Botanist

August 21, 2019 Season 4 Episode 5
A Scary Home Companion
The Profane Botanist
A Scary Home Companion
The Profane Botanist
Aug 21, 2019 Season 4 Episode 5
Nathaniel Hensley
Harriet Ford is an expert on invasive species, but she still wasn't prepared for this
Show Notes

Profane Botany is the scientific philosophy that seeks to hybridize human tissue and plant matter into new forms of life. Like alchemy and transmutation it is a dark theory never actualized.  
Until now...
Spinning out of the mythology of the Hand Collector, the Trapdoor Spider, and the Horror in Cell Six, The Profane Botanist casts a terrifying new light on old crimes.

Thanks for Mary Anne Simpson for translating, and a big shout To everyone who contributed to the Go Fund Me we set up to purchase this digital copy of the Profane Botanist. Your generosity will be remembered

the episode was edited and produced by Jeff “brain salad surgery” Davidson

and produced by Mon Petit Cheri Jamie Lee Hensley

music by:

Pang - Butterfly Bondage

Master Toad - Garden of Nightmares

and Chelsea Oxendine with the theme music

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