A Scary Home Companion

Cemetery Smith

December 15, 2019 Season 5 Episode 1
A Scary Home Companion
Cemetery Smith
A Scary Home Companion
Cemetery Smith
Dec 15, 2019 Season 5 Episode 1
Nathaniel Hensley
Gretchen becomes obsessed with her town's legendary boogeyman
Show Notes

After a chance midnight meeting, teenaged Gretchen becomes obsessed with the hermit called Cemetery Smith. What dark secrets does this notorious local legend hide?
And what secrets is Gretchen hiding?
This is a very different kind of horror story. It deals with the real life horrors that happen every day in towns just like yours.

For more information and help about child physical and sexual abuse, please avail yourself of these resources: Get the help you need, and then help others!
RAINN.org -- The nation's largest anti-sexual violence organization
Childmind.org -- Children  mental health information
Darkness to Light -- Child sexual abuse prevention

This episode was produced and edited by Jeff Davidson
with inserts produced by Jamie Lee Hensley 

music performed by:
Doctor Turtle - Rotisserie Graveyard
Prophecy Sun - Trapped
and theme music provided by Chelsea Oxendine

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