A Scary Home Companion

Graveyard Jones

January 09, 2020 Season 5 Episode 3
A Scary Home Companion
Graveyard Jones
A Scary Home Companion
Graveyard Jones
Jan 09, 2020 Season 5 Episode 3
Nathaniel Hensley
The spiritual protector of Harlem crosses paths with an ancient evil
Show Notes

Outside of Harlem, most people think Graydon "Graveyard" Jones is a myth; an urban shaman, an occultist, an exorcist. Others believe that he is the latest in a bloodline of historians and warriors. 
Living in the twilight zone where legend meets history, he will have to navigate a vengeful Southern ghost, a packful of undead white devils, and a curse older than humanity itself.

Featuring: Brannon Dukes Green as Dr. William Edward Harper
Produced and edited by Mos Jeff 

Music by:
Reverend Freakchild - See that my grave is kept clean
Blear Moon - Few Survivors
Theme music provided by Chelsea Oxendine
The Savants of Soul with Dead Man Running
The Savants are streaming damn near everywhere, find them on youtube, bandcamp, and at savants of soul. Com been a big fan of this band for a few years now, and I cant recommend them highly enough. 

Learn more about Old Man in The Thing in the Basement
and hear tales about his squad the tunnel rats in Historical Horrors
The ritual used by the Man Who Ate the Sun seems quite similar to the one discussed in Morning People
The full story of Buck Harp was told in the episode Up Jumped the Devil, one of my favorites ...And if you think there is no connection between Graveyard Jones and Cemetery Smith, then you just havent been paying attention.

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