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A Scary Home Companion
Florida Monsters, Florida Man
July 08, 2018 Nathaniel Hensley

"Florida Man" is a popular fixture of headlines, viral mug shots, and tabloid journalism, but what if there were more to him than just a guy who had too much moonshine and too much meth? 
 What if the undercurrent of darkness in Florida has a historical basis, dating back to the time when Native American curses held sway, and the monsters of old had not yet disappeared into the swamps. 
 In this episode ASHC tells the story of the Faceless Bishop of the Tequesta Indians and goes face to face with the legend of the Skunk Ape. 
 Written & Directed by Nathaniel Hensley. 
 Produced & Edited by Karl Auffenberg.
 Opening Music by: Chalsen 
 Episode Music: Denial Lilly 
 Interviewer: Jamie Hensley 
 Interviewees: Jeff Davidson, Andy Hendrickson 

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