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A Scary Home Companion
The Hand Collector
August 08, 2018 Nathaniel Hensley

One of the most unusual cases of the modern age is that of the Hand Collector. He terrorized the women of Seattle, abducting them, severing their left hands, and then letting them go.
 Who was he, and why did he need his victims to live?
This isn’t Forensic Files. The “case” is only the beginning of the story. Once the Hand Collector attacks stopped, things took an even more sinister turn. But was it the hand of the supernatural at work, or a toxic culture?
 Are boogeymen real, and if so, can you audition for the job?
 Join us as we dissect the legacy of the Hand Collector, and how he has influenced the world.
 Music by the Deep Space Destructors. Check out more of their music here

And that maddeningly infectious song at the end was by the man they call Rusty Cage

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