A Scary Home Companion

Happy Little Axecidents

May 27, 2020 Nathaniel Hensley Season 6 Episode 5
A Scary Home Companion
Happy Little Axecidents
Show Notes

Much like the late, great Bob Ross, Rory Silk was a man with a passion to teach painting. When he gets a gift from a "fan" he immediately hangs it up in his studio... only to realize the painting, called The Ravenous One, is having an effect on his mental health. 

I used to put in links to the previous episodes that were references, but that's gotten too cumbersome. All these episodes are so heavily linked together. To get a deep dive on all the references, check out the Patreon videos.

The episode was edited and produced by Jeff Davidson
Guest voicework provided by Daniel Jopling
Music by
Ergo Phizmiz
David Nance
Theme music by Chelsea Oxendine, and the Let's Paint theme music provided by The Dan Lilly Orchestra

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