A Scary Home Companion

Woman with the Split Mouth

July 21, 2020 Nathaniel Hensley Season 6 Episode 11
A Scary Home Companion
Woman with the Split Mouth
Show Notes

The serial mutilator stalking Atlanta sets her sights on an Uber driver. Frankie is a tough customer, but is she as dangerous as the masked woman in her back seat?
A game of cat and mouse unfolds in this tense, suspenseful thriller

Produced and edited by Jeff Davidson
Special guest, Ashley Webster as Nora on the Night Desk, host of the Offbeat Momcast and also a member of the Imagnville Podcast Network.

Music by
Fatti Frances - You're Dead
Red Trees - Driving Just to Drive
Emily Wells - Passenger
Stillborn Blues - Rideau
Jim Keller - Take Me For a Ride
Labasheeda - Last Ride
Isabel Nogueira - Inner Voices
and Chelsea Oxendine with the theme music

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