A Scary Home Companion


March 08, 2021 Nathaniel Hensley Season 8 Episode 4
A Scary Home Companion
Show Notes

Graydon and Terry are two teens on the run. They pass through a snake-infested small town, where a mysterious preacher has already announced their arrival. They need to learn the secret of the Satanic exorcism and fish fry that went horribly wrong 30 years ago, to try and navigate these murky bayou waters

Edited and produced by Jeff Davidson
Guest starring Karl Auffenberg as the Rev. Elmo Cubbins

Music by:
Weldroid and Friends - At Night the Dreamers Travel
Digital Primitives - No Holiday
Fork in the blender - Swamp Blues
Lobo Loco- On the Riverside
and Chelsea Oxendine with the theme music

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