A Scary Home Companion

Ghastly Nightmares

March 26, 2021 Nathaniel Hensley Season 8 Episode 6
A Scary Home Companion
Ghastly Nightmares
Show Notes

Dreamers reveal their deepest darkest nightmares, and sinister connections are revealed. The dreams we all share are haunted by the Ghastly Ones, and their reach affects us all. 

Guest Voices by:
Buck Rogers,  Dan Jopling, Ashley Webster, Jamie Lee Hensley, Savannah Hensley, Jeff Davidson, and Sean Gough, 

some of these are new people we haven't heard from before, but a few of them might be familiar. Do you know who was who? Scootch on over the Patreon for the post mortem analysis video, where I break down all the dreams, and what it may mean for future stories.

Produced and edited by Jeff Davidson

Music by
AK’Chamel the Giver of Illness - death was on you from the moment of birth
Marrach w/ H. Stewart -- Skin Deep, Let the night tell, and Twinkle
and Chelsea Oxendine with the theme music

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