A Scary Home Companion

Cannibal Island, End of Days

May 30, 2021 Nathaniel Hensley Season 8 Episode 11
A Scary Home Companion
Cannibal Island, End of Days
Show Notes

The desolate Siberian wasteland called Nazino became known as Cannibal Island, but it was also a doorway to another island -- one called the End of Days, on the edge of Hell's vast black ocean.  One mad scientist has found the way to open that door, and cross over.

Produced and edited by Jeff Davidson
Featuring the music:
Daniel Birch - Boat to the Island
John Badger and the Moustache Riders of Doom - Brave New World
Diogenes in Hell - Abyssal tides collapse ashore
Marko and Myky - Retarded Lullaby
Mossenek - Bark of Insanity
Chelsea Oxendine - Lilah is Grown, and the theme music 

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