A Scary Home Companion

Miami Slice

June 21, 2021 Nathaniel Hensley Season 9 Episode 2
A Scary Home Companion
Miami Slice
Show Notes

Two hard-nosed Miami cops unearth a sinister cabal of serial killers. In the aftermath of a local massacre, detectives Strode and Muntz have to defy their boss, and the DRO, to find the truth. But can they handle what they find?

This story piggy-backs off of the two part story Apex Predators, so if you need more info on the events of bayside park, thats where you will find it. 

Guest voices this week by Buck Rogers, Griffin Peters, Barret Daniel, and Dan Lily. If those names sound fake, its because they are. Check out the episodes Squatchmen and Ghastly House of Horrors for more of their stuff. 

the show is edited and produced by jeff davidson, with killer music by
Miami Call - Herr Doktor
Solid Gold and Illusions by Miami Slice
Not feeling da vibe - Caballo
and theme music by chelsea oxendine

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