A Scary Home Companion

Dead in the Water

July 13, 2021 Nathaniel Hensley Season 9 Episode 4
A Scary Home Companion
Dead in the Water
Show Notes

Lost at sea, fighting for survival against the elements, dehydration, and the evils of the Devils Triangle. Take a terrifying and unique journey into the heart of madness, in a story told as if it is happening to YOU.

the episode was edited and produced by Jeff Davidson
Featuring a guest appearance by Scott Taft of the Budget Arcade Podcast.

Featuring the music:
Soularflair - Static Sea
Daniel Birch - Lost at Sea, Run, it might be somebody, and Boat to the Island
Cryptic Scenery - Adrift
Jed Hershon - Black Ocean
and Chelsea Oxendine with the theme music

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