A Scary Home Companion


September 17, 2021 Nathaniel Hensley Season 9 Episode 10
A Scary Home Companion
Show Notes

A rash of face-eating attacks in Florida leads to a bigger story, as an ancient entity is using social media to spread terror and suffering. Join Mary Anne Simpson on a special investigation. 

For more of Mary Anne's research and reporting, check out Ghosts of the Devils Triangle, Nightmare People, The Ravenous One, and Chasing Ghosts. A bonus investigation, “The Psychology of the Ghastly Ones” is available only on the show patreon.

The show was produced and edited by Jeff Davidson

starring Jamie Lee Hensley

with Guest voices by

Buck Rogers
Ashley Webster
and from Pathios Productions

Ann Hurd
Elaine Weatherby
Diane Casanova

music provided by

Jahzzar - Faceless
Silver Pines - I believe in magic dreams

and Chelsea Oxendine with the theme music

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