A Scary Home Companion

DTK : Death Trap Killer

March 07, 2019 Nathaniel Hensley Season 2 Episode 11
A Scary Home Companion
DTK : Death Trap Killer
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Show Notes

10 years ago DTK, the Death Trap Killer, vanished the same night as the cop who was chasing him. Ever since, the rumors about Detective Eddie Barnes have swirled.

Now his daughter means to set the record straight and prove the cop was innocent.

Her investigation has drawn the attention of someone else. Has DTK returned, or is someone following in his footsteps?

Join A Scary Home Companion for a humdinger of a slasher story that combines the adventure of the Goonies with the murderous mayhem of Jigsaw.

Featuring guest voicework by Evangeline Hensley,
and a stunning soundtrack by

The Wire Orchestra 

Sergey Cheremisinov

Yung Kartz 

Jeremy Bible 

Jacopo Tore 


Natural Snow Buildings

Prophecy Sun

and Purple Planet Music (PPM)
Theme music by Chelsea Oxendine

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